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About The Feldenkrais Method
“Moshe Feldenkrais has studied the body in movement with a precision I have found nowhere else."
Peter Brook (theatre and film director)
Based on the work of Dr Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-84) the Feldenkrais method is a somatic educational system which offers to improve the quality, range and comfort with which you move. Since we are moving every moment of our lives, improving how we move can improve all that we do. The method applies to learning new movements  and challenging potentially harmful old habits. This approach can be applied to learning any new skill. In other words, in practicing a new attitude to moving, you will also learn to how to learn better too.
Moshe Feldenkrais was an expert in physics, engineering and judo: he developed his approach to  movement awareness by drawing on these three disciplines from science and the study of human movement. Focusing on how the skeleton is the strength and support for all movement, Feldenkrais sessions encourage  integrated movement  through  allowing  a  person to develop an awareness of the whole self, bone connecting to bone.
"The aim is not complete relaxation but healthy, powerful and pleasurable  exertion"
Moshe Feldenkrais
The method is taught in two forms: in group Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes and one-to-one Functional Integration (FI) lessons. In both cases you will be invited to engage in an enjoyable and playful process through which, simply by paying attention to physical sensations of movement, you will develop a fuller knowledge of yourself in action. 

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